Stranded Astronauts

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It was quite an unfortunate event. Shortly after I took the watermelon photos, Alpha-Flagbearer went missing. (I’ve yet to know these astronauts well enough before naming them.) Technically he wasn’t the first astronaut to attempt an escape, but I shall go more into that story another day.

You see, the watermelon pix weren’t taken in my home, they were taken in a chalet last night. After washing them from the trip to watermelon land, I had wrapped them in tissue and kinda threw them in my bag before going back to the food. While on the cab, I vaguely told myself of the need to have a row call once I’m home. (..but it’s not easy remembering stuff when you’re a mix heap of beer, champagne and wine..) It wasn’t until I was on my way to work this morning when I remembered my 3 comrades in pix. But by then, Alpha-Flagbearer was already gone : (

Second day into action, and my team strength went down to 2. In any case, they’ve decided to persevere on in all conditions, in any numbers..


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  1. wz 03/11/2011 at 11:15 pm

    oh gosh!.. poor thing.. i hope the other 2 survives the 100 days!

    i’m so lazy to do sth with my 100 dinners.. i did take photos!!

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