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last set of lighthouse pix! backdated this again cuz wp was having a bug with firefox, i could only upload the pix after switching it to chrome.

view from the top. the climb was kinda giddy (winding up in a spiral staircase), but all worth it. now that i think back, i really should have taken a panoramic shot. it was so beautiful you won’t think you’re in sg waters. (look pointedly at sentosa waters and ecp waters)
worn out after the sunny day trip..


the lighthouse is not as tall as this pic seems. and don’t mind the weird smudges, only realized my lens were dirty after i put them on the big screen : (

i suddenly became a details whore. i really like old buildings because you’ll be naturally drawn to the amount of details they put into little areas that people neglect.

one handle, 2 treatments. the gold one closes in and is sheltered from the sea breeze; the one outside is left to weather and has more character.

what’s a lighthouse without its light?

i love you, singapore. and i hope you love me too. Can you please lower flat prices and give me more walking space in orchard road?


2 responses to “zero.threesix

  1. gk 04/18/2011 at 8:18 pm

    thinking of getting a flat???

    • space invaders 04/18/2011 at 8:25 pm

      hmm.. i’ve always wanted to move out.. the local policies and pricing doesn’t help much on this aspect : (

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