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rmb when i said the boys didn’t wanna sit near legs during the train ride? here’s why .. ..



the flowers bloomed one day. It’s been a while since they last did, and I believe the pot was going through a life and death struggle a few weeks back. I’m no green fingers, but the change was really obvious – from weak and pale hues to luxurious green and bright magenta. so pretty in the hot afternoon sun : )


…and then they saw the sleeping giant..


once upon a train ride to Kluang, the boys say legs have motion sickness, and they decided to sit far away from him.

(and…. yes. the sentence completely doesn’t make sense.)


coincidentally, the boyfriend is sleeping on the studio couch as I type out this post. he’s been awake for the last 2-3 days working on a deadline.

sound familiar, id-friends? i kinda miss those fongseng putty times every now and then. lol
(check out the lashes. maybe i should trim them short now since he’s semi-conscious)


he’s just sitting at the top of his (beer) world.

he looks kinda fuzzy you say? that’s cuz you are drunk, and your eyes are not focusing.




delay overload. i blame it on minecraft.



this is the story of how friends met.

it all started out one day when the sun was hot, the water was cooling, and there was a light breeze blowing. they thought they’ve reached paradise..